What do you get if you mix a Legendary and Iconic Hip Hop duo from NYC with a Legendary UK Hip Hop group ???…..Infamous Murder Mix!

The results connect and make perfect Hip Hop sense. The accents , vocal tones and slang editorials are different but the energy , vividness of speech and street connectivity are real.

Salutes to our Homie The UK award winning Radio Producer/DJ Asante for letting us know about this gem of audio dopeness. This mix fuses the UK’s Terra Firma featuring Richochet Klashnekoff, Skriblah and Kyza Smirnoff with Prodigy & Havoc of The Legendary Mobb Deep. Enjoy!

Bless Micz

Infamous Murder Mix – Mobb Deep (US) vs Terra Firma (UK) by Asante & Friends on Mixcloud