boombap flyerThis Weekend saw the biggest line up of UK Hip Hop artist gather in a muddy field , adjacent to 16th century , drive ways and deep fields which stretch over yonder ( Read last line in your most gangster 16th century style voice)

Some of the FWD 360 team namely Mess and Micz were on hand with our Broski Kal Sereouz helping him film for his upcoming documentary on Hip Hop and the origins of the Boombap.

We captured an epic performance from the mighty Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan , The Savage dopeness of Triple Darkness and the Witty stage antics of Cas Is Dead amongst others. We even caught up with our long time homie and veteran UK DJ Shortee Blitz.

Check below to see some of the things we got up to on route to the festival and at the festival via our Instagram and Youtube visuals shot via our smart phones:

@Messiahbolical , @MicAssassin & @kalsereousz – #BoomBapFestival #BehindTheScenes