I love having talented homies, not just kinda talented but inspiring, creative forever pushing the limits kinda talented.

Like having X Men and Justice League members posting what they get up to on their personal Facebook statuses….. Imagine you could read those…. Yup Normal things to them would seem Amazing to us mere mortal squelchy bellies.
Like reading a Tweet from Marvel Universes Cyclops explaining what happened when he went to visit the opticians.

So when one of these homies who is always ahead of the creative and digital curve says…


I’ve learned YOU click that link Mofo! You click that link quickly.

This is what happened this Morning my homie Tano who is a visual and musical Whizz Kid I’ve known for about 10 years did just that providing me with a link to the Patatap website.

Now using the regular Internet browser on my Samsung Note 2 didn’t work with this site, which I’m not, sure why so I have the Opera browser for times like this.

Pow!! When I used the Opera browser I was Bruce Willis in Die Hard explosion blown away by how this site came to life… Crazy!


Looking at the visual works of mine I post on FWD 360 you should already know I’m a music and visual junkie… so this website to me was like Denzel in American Gangster hitting me with a package of that Blue Magic… “My Man….20 Percent”

Simply clicking the touch screen your thrown into a visual and audio universe with sounds, shapes, colours, designs invading your smart phone triggering all this dopness depending where on the screen you press.


Its Incredible like Super Incredible the idea behind it is GENIUS.

The genius behind the idea Jono Brandel who’s website describes him as a creative who “relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming” Just that description alone lets you know he’s on his job fully!

The sound elements of Patatap are handled by the Japan based composers Shawn and Yoshimi collectively called Lullatone.

Looking at Lullatones work you can tell their musical and creative Whizz Kids like my homie Tano who originally alerted me to Patatap.

I Wonder what would happen if I put them all in studio together….Hmmm… Yup you guessed it Xmen Amazing stuff.

Back to Jono He’s got some really creative projects such as the Exquisite Forest which is an experimental website which serves as a gallery of user- generated collaborated animations. I really like how he creatively thinks. Its Inspiring!

So 20 mins in to the Patatap website I’m trying to do My best imitation of Super producer Pete Rock. Sounds i’ve made out are bass, strings, percussive pads, A lady making a naughty uhhh sound, Computer 8 bit, metallophone chime sounds and lots more. I’m not sure of all of them but it’s DEFINITELY worth checking out! For real….for real!


I’m wondering which artist is gonna be first to record and release a mixtape using this website I’ve already seen a YouTube video in which someone has made a beat using it so were already on the way!!

Imagine someone like Just Blaze or DJ Premier getting hold of this! Salutes to Jono

Check out Jonos original post and website here

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Yagga yo Blessings Micz!!