Working with our peeps at Right Chord Music we will be featuring some of their articles and post’s which highlight some of the great artist they feature on their website.

As you know we love highlighting talent from visuals, music, artwork, and animation as long it’s good and exudes quality , We’ll feature it!

This is why the first artists we will be kicking things off with on the #BlogRemix are the musically gifted Duo of Adrienne & Fern AKA Daughters Of Davis , Two sisters who orchestrate and create a beautiful soulful / Pop and Folk concoction with their music.

Daughters of Davis

We were instant fans of the Davis sisters when we heard them for the first time last year via our Right Chord Music compadres. The sounds of their art, the story behind their music and the way they are literally campervan stylie Gig-to-Gig living the music!

Make sure you go over to the Right Chord Music Website to read the original “Band of the Week” article about Daughters Of Davis.

Peace and Crumpets

– Images used are the ownership of Daughters Of Davis and Right Chord Music.

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