Bah weep gragnah weep nini bong

Unless you’re a 1980s Transformer G1 cartoon geek such as my self this phrase will mean nothing to you. Its basically the Universal greeting Transformer Og’s use so that’s the way I’m gonna set this one of for #BlogRemix 11

FWD360 RCM blog remix social media version

As always big salutes to our friends at Right Chord Music because every week we bring you great artist from the creative vaults of their website.

This week we enter the zone of High Highs and the melodic dopeness of two Aussie born converted Brooklynites. High Highs consists of Oli Chang (Instrumentals) and Jack Milas (vocals).

High Highs pic

In a world of musicians living fabricated lives on social networks what happens to the guys who just make music and don’t want to get caught up in that clutter, who just want to give you some good music with out the extra overplayed out “Look how good my life is” Instagram visuals. I feel like that’s how High Highs make music.

They layer tracks with a pureness and depth of sounds which includes vocals, analogue synthesizers, piano’s pretty much everything that brings their sound to life which they seemed to have mastered to a high level to create a deep layered sound with out diverting or confusing your ear drums.

High Highs music is also like their music videos super simple but super epic the phrase less is more springs to mind when delving into their whole catalogue. I’m a lover of visuals and music and I love how they seamlessly bring to life their tracks its almost like they wrote the treatment for the videos at the same time as writing the music. I love it!

Signed to Fine Time Records a Sydney based offshoot which connects with Sony records gives the High Highs a great outlet to push their music globally.
This is evident in the scale and reach of their shows and this year see’s them performing at the universally famous SXSX in Austin, Texas.

You can see the original article we saw about High Highs on Right Chord Music’s Site.

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