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There’s something about Meg….. Like a refined musical beauty about her sound and vocal tones, like her soul has seen much more lifetimes than her early 20’s physical gives away…. but at the same time there’s an innocent newness.

meg mac 2

There’s something about Meg….. I can’t quite figure out but I know I’m an instant fan and am digging her musical offerings.

Her sound is ever so ear pleasing and i can tell she has studied or has been influenced by soulful vocalist from the 70’s and 60’s also the chart topping Rock songstresses of the early 90’s. She seems to effortlessly stitch, sew, pattern cut a music style out of these elements and then create a suit that fits her so perfectly… tailored made to her being her.

Old skool Newness is the feeling I get from Mrs Megan McInerney the Aussie songstress who started developing her singing talents at the age of 9 inspired by records her father would play sparking her attention. Years later she would capture voice notes on a Iphone which would then develop into songs that would wow and captivate Australian mainstream and find its way to us via RCM.

Megs got a fashionista swagger, Its like she’s surrounded by a life-size instagram filter force field so which ever room she’s, she maintains her classic presence. Every piece of clothing, every layer of fabric, every brush stroke and decoration of make up seems deeply thought out in the same way her music exudes a vintage modernity.

I love the fact in interviews she has a shy confidence … its like she fully doesn’t know yet how dope she is (Isn’t that a beautiful thing) she hasn’t been industry tarnished (Yet or hopefully NEVER WILL) She’s giving us the pureness.  I appreciate and Love that!

Can’t wait to see how her style and music develops.

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