Our friends at Right Chord Music deliver once again by introducing me to artist who I know I’m going to be checking for many years into the future. This is #BlogRemix 15

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“For it’s the beggar not the King that sings in high command, It will hurt everyone” – Pat Dam Smyth

PAT DAM SMYTH is the Damn Man! Melancholy up-beatness, simple yet effective story telling across ear pleasing music patterns.

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The beard, the hair, and the presence I knew I was going to be listening to something good and memorable. His voice is believable not Unbelievable, Meaning I believe every single word he says or phrases it in such away its hard to have an alternative view.

Its like every 4 Bar’s of music gives you a 4 year depth into Pats universe, pain, loves, experience, successes, failures I feel like I get an honest, true to life artistic portrait of Pats worldview through his music.

Music artist should be authentic, you should get to know them through their music, There shouldn’t be an invisible force field separating the listener from the artist, its should be an experience that’s close to the energy when the artist was creating… At least that’s what I think and Pat Delivers that realism.

From His roots in Northern Ireland to London, Liverpool and The City of Angels you hear the long travels and cross continental thoughts in his music, those long deep thoughts where the human mind can question its own existence. On one such Journey Pat and Long time friend, fellow busker and globe traveller Nipsey Russell found them selves in Berlin painting the city with musical notes.

It was here in Berlin Pat had his first mental breakdown and was admitted into a German psychiatric hospital. The Gifted creative’s always seems to be tortured souls or think in a way the rest of the world outside of their brain cant understand. So the world labels them, mind fucks them, Hospital gowns them and you know the rest prescription pills them to submission.

I watch load of documentaries, cartoons, anime’s, films, read brain exploding articles on science, spirituality etc. I have been thinking this for years say when someone goes through a “Mental breakdown”….  That could be the brain evolving somehow but the basic level our brains operate at currently cant cope with that evolution so it shuts down making us act different, say things which alarms those around us. If the brain was able to cope with that evolution we become some super powerful beings above petty shit like giving a fuck what the world thinks… Anyway I’m doing a short film, which involves this subject in a way I will revisit it and post it on the homepage when it’s done.

“For generations, there’s been a cultural assumption that creative people are more mentally unstable than everybody else. In his 1936 essay, The Crack-Up, F. Scott Fitzgerald detailed his own personal battles with depression and alcoholism. Just four years prior, German psychiatrist Wilhelm Lang-Eichbaum examined 800 “geniuses,” and found that they showed higher tendencies toward “nervous tensions” than the general population” – Taken from Jennifer Millers Fast to Create article Does Creativity Come With A Price? New Insight On Creatives And Mental Illness”.

Pat’s music embodies all this honesty, confusion, fragile nature but its powerful, strong and Demi god like to be so honest in today’s Tumble down the Twitter, Tube ya life away generation. Pat makes dope music, a story and a personality that makes him great. Salutes to you Mr Smyth.

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