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Music Industry says there’s a box she should fit in, There’s a box you probably want to put her in …… I’m glad Nadine doesn’t fit in any box.


Nadine’s the quirky cool chick you come across at times in your life, you don’t know why you admire her but you find your self vibing to her energy, She’s similar to things you know and like but there is an unorthodox nature that makes her special.

Music tells stories to me I connect with the artist if I like their sound and my brain puts together this whole connectivity and movie scenario.

I’ve never attended school in the USA and UK schools don’t really break down in this formula…. But I’ll use the American Teen Movie film demographic groups to break it down.

Cheerleaders, Jocks, Geeks/Nerds, Glee club, Indie Rock kids, Cool kids…. I don’t even know if this is how schools really are in America but yeah in the movies they are.

My impression through listening to her music Nadine would be the new student in the movie who moves to a new area, starts a new school mid way through the school year, Standing out immediately and not fitting in to any pre set group…Outcasted because her non alliance with any 1 group, through overcoming social situations and people seeing how she is, she enters a talent competition or does something socially bold and captivating which Wows everyone.

She then becomes liked or respected or admired because she does a great job of being HER…. You get the point you seen this movie before.

But where the movie doesn’t take you is that young girls journey through life after that point…. young teen blossoms to a Women…. Women travels the world , writes songs and records them… We receive them, love them and write blogs on her music.


Her vocal tone has a familiarity. Her music is experimental with layered sound effects and loops presented in a way that’s listenable and has a place amongst popular music but still maintains its alienness. Our friends at Right Chord Music described Nadine’s sound perfectly as “The mix of modernity and antiquity”.

Swiss born 80’s baby Nadine who now resides in Liverpool UK studying a music degree at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts fuses an electronic folk sound which is palatable on many different levels, she brings an acoustic vibe, and she manipulates genres beautifully via percussion. I’m a fan… I dig her swagger , experimental sound and slightly off centre extra angle about her.

“Hey you, can you help me find a dream?
Or we can share yours , I can give you some chocolate and cigarettes” – Nadine Carina

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