#BlogRemix 19 yes we are getting higher and higher in to the Numerical Stratosphere. Salutes to our compadres Right Chord Music for putting us on this once again!

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SAFIA the Canberra Ozzie Trio are Dope!! That is all! (We could easily end the Blog Remix here with clips of their music as to why I think so)


Let me elaborate why… The beat driven, synth soundscapes of Ben Woolner, Michael Bell, Harry Sayers are good, very good not just because its current and synchs with what is going on globally with the mesh of EDM fusing Pop, Hip Hop hybrid, Dubstep conjoined foetus sound of music…But because i can tell they have a deeper musical understanding behind what they do.

Sample cutting ,  time stretching, vocal sampling is an art which notable Hip Hop beat makers have mastered. They have taken these techniques sky high across many classic songs and have defined periods in music. These techniques used by non-instrument trained beat makers with limited resources have over many decades sparked a whole commercial sector of equipment, magazines and events.

Now from the music SAFIA have released they are not a Hip Hop production team but some of their songs has an evident feel , they know what they are doing implementing these Hip Hop Techniques.

This instrumental created by SAFIA has a Hip Hop / Trap feel and reminds in parts me so much of Jay – Z’s and Kanye’s – “N***** in Paris” think of it like a Hit Boy and Young Chop Hybrid. I would love to hear a UK emcee like P Money or  Ghetts shread this beat to pieces it could definitely be a 2014 summer banger!

The chord progressions, melodies and drum production across their music let’s me know they have a deeper talent realm within music.  A quick related video search on Youtube reinforced what I suspected that members of the trio do play instruments. I knew somehow this would be a factor, which brings a very noticeable additional element to the progression of their sound and musicianship… I love how it all connects together!

SAFIA have an electronic , indie sound, which I’m digging, literally vibing to while writing this in the studio. Like another super talented Ozzie we have featured on #BlogRemix recently Mrs Meg Mac, SAFIA have come through the ranks of Triple J Unearthed.

Triple J Unearthed looks like a great digital platform for talented, independent Australian artist, they definitely seem to have their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on.

SAFIA have recently been special guest artist on tour with New Zealand’s rising global megastar Lorde, who came to fame with her minimalistic synth textured, vocally catchy hit song “Royals”. This is a good look for them!

Look out for more works from SAFIA I’m expecting good stuff and hope they create some big waves in the music world!

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