Yup Yup its that time again for #BlogRemix 3 Number 2 can be found on the website of our peeps from Right Chord Music where they featured Our FWD 360 Wreck Sessions performance from the talented Dionne Reid.

Going through the Right Chord Music site regularly you will come across so much talented musicians, Gems just waiting to be found and featured…. And we did just that!

This week we feature an Electronic, Indie, Synth Swagnificient duo by the name of “The Voyeurist”. Made up of Richard Rushton on the instrumentation or what’s described on their facebook page as “Noises” and Sarah Nag with her hauntingly ear pleasing vocals.

The Voyeurist 1

The reason this duo have been on constant rotation in the FWD 360 offices is because they make music which sounds like it should have been featured in the best films from the 80’s. You know the type of films that shaped your whole childhood, blew your mind inside out and made you want to be that character…Yes THAT.

When I was a youngster after watching The Original Karate Kid Movie the scene when Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) Crane kicks his onscreen nemesis Johnny (William Zabka) face in half. I wanted to be that dude and went to Primary School the next day hoping to kick someone in the face LOL….Crazy 80’s babies.

I later took Karate Lessons because according to my mum and school I needed to channel my energy and be a calmer lad…I then learned the depths and true nature and real beautiful intention of martial arts. I got to Yellow Belt before the Council in my South London Borough took away vital funding for the Karate classes to continue at my Youth Club.

Anyway back to The Voyeurist their music is invitingly dark, instantly head nodingly catchy with out being anyway cheesy. They merge Sarah’s dramatic, penetrating moody vocal tones with dark seductive synth’s and effect-enhanced guitars.
Everyone of their songs sounds like a soundtrack piece from an 80’s / Early 90’S film.

There doesn’t seem to be much new activity on their Facebook and Twitter social networks so I’m hoping they are still making music together and cooking up some newness.

Check out the original article on Right Chord Music’s website

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