Back like Spinal chords and chiropractors this is #BlogRemix 5!
#BlogRemix 4 can be seen on the website of our Compadre’s at Right Chord Music who featured our Wreck Sessions video with the talented singer songwriter Troy Hudson last week.

I was instantly wowed when discovering AHI on Right Chord’s Website last year. AHI (pronounced “I”) is a Canadian born self taught guitarist whose deep honesty, social awareness, pain-filled; Indie Soul voice hit me deeply. The quality texture and tone of his voice left me thinking introspectively about my family just everything I wanted to do with my life with my businesses, my own music. His voice inspired me Ive probably watched his “We All Know” performance video on loop about 20 times writing this piece.

I got online and started researching AHI, in my mind I was saying to myself his voice is incredible he must have millions of fans globally, how does some one with such a deeply touching, soul connecting talent not have his music all over the radio with millions of online views, International tours and music placements in every relevant visual media going.

Then I remembered… this is the music industry, rarely does the mainstream industry take note of a talent such as AHI quickly unless they have a noticeable gimmick, famous artist co-sign or renowned family member fighting their corner.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces or Monomyth Book By Joseph Campbell  for some reason springs to mind. This book looks at the 17 stages of a Heroes Journey merging narratives and mythological patterns across history and the Journey the Hero must travel. Its almost like the most talented and gifted amongst us are destined to struggle for years in a Anti-Fairy tale, dream world struggling, grinding and carving out their own piece of the Universe before people catch up to their brilliance.

Now I don’t know if The Hero With A Thousand Faces Book connects to AHI’s personal story and experience of overcoming obstacles, but it seems like his vocals are constructing the perfect theme tunes for those who are. This is why I think his music affected me in the way it did.


AHI’s voice and acoustic strums seems like it encapsulates the pain of a generation its like he’s singing and expressing his talent to connect with people to add something better and needed to the world. His Bio perfectly credits 2Pac and Bob Marley as artist who “use music as a powerful expression of honesty to reach the human spirit”. This is exactly the feeling I got when first listening to AHI, the same feeling I get when going on all day audio expeditions listening to late great’s like Robert Nesta Marley and Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Check out more of AHI’s music. His independent grind and self funded tours with just his Wife and Daughter make me respect his global movements even more. This is what music is about!

All pictures used are the ownership of AHI.

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