“Back once again for the renegade master” dunno why that sample used by Fat Boy Slim popped in my head when starting this Blog Remix lol But it did.

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Digging through the musical vaults on The Right Chord music website I came across a sound that’s had me vibing since I clicked play.

Maybe the insanely rare Sunshiny London weekend just passed has put me in a Sentimental “Back in the day” mode or this was the right sound to find for this weeks #BlogRemix.

Widowspeak give me that 60’s and 70’s, POP, Rock nostalgic feel through their music notations. That dreamy American , suburban, scorching hot long summer folk sound which played the backdrop to many classic films and sitcoms created or depicted in the time. The Intro to “The Wonder Years” one of my favourite childhood shows invades my brain just vibing to Widowspeak. That’s what it creates with me and I love it!

The Brooklyn based band started off as a quartet in 2010 but are now a duo consisting of Molly Hamilton on vocals / Rhythm guitar and Robert Earl Thomas on Lead Guitar.

widowspeak 1

Imagine any Thelma and Louise movie scene when their cruising across the Highways in the Thunderbird or the scene in Forest Gump when Tom Hank’s movie title named character, punches up Jenny’s new dude at the Black Panther Headquarters lol.
If you could teleport to the time those movies were set in and find the nearest festival, The radiant yet purposely expressionless vocals of Molly would be very at home connecting to the ear drums of festival revellers.

Right Chord featured Widowspeak as early as 2011 on their website so this Blog Remix is not only a big salutes to Widowspeak for making great music but for Right Chords early adopter mentality of seeing the power of them so early on.

All pics are the ownership of Widowspeak.

Peace and Crumpizzles

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