I first came across Edwin Miles on the website of our compadres the good folks over at Right Chord music. Every week we feature and Remix a blog from their archives and they remix one of our past Wreck Sessions videos in a new blog.

I was instantly nodding along with the vocal talents of Mr Edwin Miles, He’s got that raw acoustic folk swagger, skilfully crafted songs that make you vibe to his sounds and appreciate his talent.

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As a musician myself who directs visual pieces I always tend to engage with music in audio and illustrated way, which means I always associate images with what I’m hearing by default. This is why if you have been checking out the other Blog Remixes I tend to compare music from the artist we feature to books, films , scenes in movies etc. It’s just how I interact with music.

Edwin’s voice and sound has a heart on his sleeve honesty, acoustic ruggedness yet a commercial viability. I think this is why when I heard his live sessions for Frost Factory something clicked and made sense.

His music is something that music enthusiast could deeply appreciate at the same time could be used in a popular TV advert.

So Let me paint the Mona Lisa ……. You’re chilling in your living room trying to occupy your mind after a long day at work or college, which seemed like it went on forever. Your watching TV or the TV’s watching you depending on how close to sleep you are.

TV programme breaks and adverts come on, The advert may be advertising something you probably don’t really care about BUT you watch the advert because the song caught you at the right perfect moment just as you was about to skip the channel.
You grab for your phone, Click the Shazam app while quickly trying to turn up the volume so the song registers. You the search the back catalogue of the artist and become a newfound fan. That’s the first vision I had when clicking play on his songs, when you discover his music you’ll want to find out more.

Edwin’s personal music creation started evolving in his early teens whilst living in the middle east, idolising Bon Jovi and Kurt Cobain
has lead him on a musical journey which has him now based in Manchester.

Absorbing the feel of the Northern City and its Atmosphere Edwin busks and sings his sounds on the streets, connecting first hand with his potential global fans.

Now part of his own band the Edwin Miles Trio which consists of Edwin on Guitar, Andy Patterson on the Bass and Camille Pfeiffer tempo structuring the trio via Percussion. More great things can be expected from Edwin.

All pics are the ownership of Edwin Miles.

You can see the original article here on Right Chord Music’s website

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