#RSTARS is a new FWD 360 series.
The series will look at Musicians , Artist , Directors , Entrepreneurs and just all round creative people who have a story and something interesting to bring to the game.
We have filmed a variety of dope Mini documentaries and conducted some insightful interviews which will be coming soon.

In this Interview i connect up with Talented Illustrator Russell Taysom aka @deceitfulpie who has a creative throwback satirical style which i loved and had to feature on the site. I recently met Russell at the Hoxton Illustration fair which featured some incredibly talented artist all doing some great creative things.


MA: What’s the inspiration behind your creative works? Why do you create?

Russell: Creating stuff is in my nature. I think it’s in everyone’s nature but I wasn’t very good at much else. My first inspirations were films about Pirates, Garfield and Superman. I’m still pretty inspired by pop culture from comics to cartoons to sweet wrappers and cereal boxes.

MA: In your work you feature a lot of pop culture icons and prominent historical figures from Dennis The Menace, Jesus, The Pope, Ultimate Warrior etc and remix them in your creative style. What significance and message does this represent in your works?

Russell: The Ultimate Warrior is a hero in my drawings. I draw him as a mutant from another planet. One of the things I loved about the Ultimate Warrior was that his back-story was kind of left open with him being from “parts unknown”.

Jesus’ severed head represents the end of repression. It’s like the bit when the witch is dead in The Wizard of Oz. The oppressor is dead, we can have a party. The pope to me is a bit of a withered Mumm-Ra character. He’s also impossible to kill cus he’s always replaced by another pope so he represents the ever-present evil in human hearts. Dennis The Menace, Beavis and Frankenstein’s monster are all heroic characters to me and I like to draw Eddie from Iron Maiden a lot. He’s like a cool older brother who shows you horror films and gives you beer.


MA: In your work what do you see as off limits or what are your creative boundaries if you have any?

Russell: No, I see no reason to limit oneself. There’s plenty of other people who wanna tell you, you can’t do stuff, you shouldn’t do it to yourself.

MA: Ideas to creation. What’s the work flow you go through from developing your art? How many stages do you go through before you are satisfied with an art piece?

Russell: I don’t know that I’m ever satisfied with something but sometimes you just have to let go. If it’s for a project then you might have a deadline and if it’s personal work then there comes a point where something is just as good as you can get it right now.

I’m always revisiting subjects and re drawing stuff I’ve done in the past to try and develop it more and sometimes just to work out what made you draw it. I think the whole thing is an ongoing project rather than something you can sit back and just be happy with.


MA: What different visual and creative mediums would you like to see your art transcend into? And what artist living or dead would you like to work and collaborate with?

Russell: I want to make toys of some of my characters and am interested in animation. I really wanna bring the whole world of my drawings alive. I also would really like to work in making set designs and immersive environments. It would be cool to scale everything up to life size.

I’d like to collaborate with Gary Panter, I was just watching some interviews with him and apart from being amazingly talented he also seems like the nicest guy doing all sorts of interesting things from light projects, music projects to writing comics and painting. He’s a pretty inspirational guy!

MA: In this digital technological age how do you see the art of animation / Illustration evolving?

Russell: Animation’s gonna get much more accessible and the programmes more user friendly. Now you can collaborate with people who live on the other side of the world whether it’s people sending drawings back and forth through email or making videos with people on the other side of the planet and that’s something that is going to expand.

I’d like to see a virtual drawing environment where lots of people can draw live at the same time using their computers. Like huge walls in cyberspace where you can all paint on together.

MA: Through your art, life and personal journey what legacy do you want to leave?

Russell: I’d want to inspire other people to draw and make stuff and not to be scared of failure. I want to get people to do cool projects together and make creating stuff less lonely.


 Thanks to Russell for taking part in the interview and connecting with FWD 360!

All images used are owned By Russell Taysom

Peace and Crumpizzles

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