Just several days after Star-crossed lovers will have fought for their Disney / Pixar ‘Happily ever after’ ending and acne ridden teenagers would have plucked up the courage to pass on envelopes of A4 to each other…. The super celebrity status mythological figure Cupid by now is chilling , feet up until next year after being busy and mischievous shooting invisible Love arrows in the atmosphere like a Uzi in the Middle East, All in attempts of his annual quest to get people to “Show LOVE”.

On the 20th of February YPM (Young People Matter) charity will be doing just that! Rallying troops on the streets of South London (Stockwell to Balham) showing a different level of love, the type of love that brings together different demographics of people, the type of love that uplifts whole communities.

YPM Charity 2

The Valentine’s youth walk will see the charity calling for support to raise £5000 to take 30 Inner city youth on their first meaningful trip and adventure in to the British great outdoors. The money will be used to take the youths away to the 300 acre Hindleap Warren Outdoor Education Centre where the young people will get to learn and experience activities such as Archery, Canoeing, Wall Climbing, High ropes and other activities in the spacious English countryside.

YPM charity

We at FWD 360 are fully supporting this.

Please help by sponsoring a youth, donating money, joining the walk or getting involved however you can using the details below:

T: 0207 274 4503

E: Info@youngpeoplematter.org






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